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Showa Shinku Outline

Optical and Electric Wave Technologies

Showa shinku supports information telecommunications and digital consumer electronics
Making a major contribution to society and various industries.

Vacuum technology is the key technology

Vacuum technology is indispensable in manufacturing of high-tech products such as cellular telephones and digital cameras although this technology is not being applied directly to manufacture of these final products. For example, temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO) are embedded as core components in cellular telephones, and Showa Shinku's vacuum technology is being used to manufacture these crystal oscillators. This vacuum technology is also being used to manufacture camera lenses, various optical filters, LCD panels, etc.

Showa Shinku's technology is utilized in a wide rage of electronic devices.

ND filters (=neutral density filters)Oven controlled crystal oscillators
Touch panelsSAW filters
Magnetic sensorsChip fuses
AT unitsLight-guiding panels
Voltage controlled crystal oscillatorsPressure sensors
Polygon mirrorsWavelength demux filters
Color compensating filtersCrystal units
Reflecting mirrorsLiquid crystal display panels
Simple packaged crystal oscillatorsOptical sensors
Tuning fork unitsVacuum evaporation coating
Optical fibersTemperature compensated crystal oscillators
Ceramic resonatorsHeat dissipating substrates
Narrow bandpass selective filtersSensor heads (magnetic heads)
Clock modulesSensing devices (gyro sensors)

* Only major electronic devices are listed above as examples.
The list may include devices for which Showa Shinku equipment is used in the manufacturing process.