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Our Technology

We engage in technological innovation and R&D to always provide original solutions for equipment fields that use vacuum technology.

Four Essential Technologies

1.Hardware Technologies for Creating a Vacuum State

Technologies such as engineering design, production engineering and manufacturing know-how for vacuum equipment. We have many years of accumulated technology in these areas, and compared with general industrial machines, our equipment provides technologies with very high precision.

2.Robot-automated Material Handling Technology in a Vacuum State

The technology to transport substrates in the vacuum chamber and to control the functional parts operating inside the mechanism. General lubricants cannot be used because of possible contamination in a vacuum state. We build high-precision systems that can be used in such environments.

3.Automated Control Technology Using Personal Computers

Technology to control overall vacuum equipment. There are two aspects of the technology; one is to control the overall operation of the individual units that constitute the equipment, and the other is to create the best applicable conditions in the vacuum chamber in order to control the thin film coating on substrates.

4.Software Technology for Controlling Film-coating in a Vacuum State

Programming technology for forming thin films on substrates. The core technology in vacuum equipment that is designed to coat thin films. Only a limited number of engineers in our country can design such programs.