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We will continue pursuing the potential capabilities
of vacuum technology into the future.

Kunimasa Omata
The history of Showa Shinku begins in 1953, when our founder, Morimasa Omata, established the Omata Vacuum Machinery Research Center, a business that repaired vacuum pumps. He began manufacturing vacuum pumps in 1955 and entered the quartz device industry in 1960 and developed fully-automatic vacuum evaporation equipment in response to surging demand for CB radios in the U.S., and for quartz watches worldwide, thus succeeding in expanding his business operations.

Showa Shinku has since continued to develop vacuum evaporation equipment and sputtering equipment for optical and electronics component industries, and has risen to become a global leader in quartz device equipment. Concentrating on these three key areas, we have won satisfaction from numerous customers.

The scope of vacuum technology application is broad and limitless from such familiar applications as food preservation to diversified uses in energy and space research and development. In particular, vacuum technology is indispensable in the advanced electronics industry. This is where Showa Shinku comes in to play a major role.

Under the corporate slogan, "Optical and Electromagnetic Wave Technologies," Showa Shinku supports infomation telecommunications and digital consumer electronics, and based on the three basic policies of "Be unique by focusing on growing niche markets," Demonstrate the differentiation and originality of our technology," and "Provide low prices by drastic cost reduction," we are sure to be "an important company for customers" by meeting their needs and contributing to their development.

Thank you for your continued support of Showa Shinku.