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Three Business Domains

Showa shinku supports advanced technology in a variety of fields including high-end cellular devices and medical equipment.

Quartz Devices

Load-lock type Frequency Adjustment Equipment SFE-B03
Load-lock type
Frequency Adjustment Equipment
Quartz devices, such as crystal units and crystal oscillators, are used to ensure the accurate operation of mechanisms, and piezoelectric effect, an electrical property of crystals, is used to produce the electrical signals that are then used as the reference for accurate operation. Quartz devices are incorporated in various electronic devices that can be seen all around us. Quartz devices are irreplaceable for the electronic devices we use in our daily lives and thus are called "the salt of industry."

The key technology in the production process for quartz devices is vacuum technology. As a pioneer in this field, Showa Shinku offers a broad lineup of quartz device manufacturing equipment to support electrode formation, frequency adjustment and other processes. We hold a commanding share in this sector.

We also make a major contribution to increasing customer productivity through our development activities to achieve the higher accuracy, smaller sizes and lower costs required for quartz devices.

Quartz devicesAn electrical device which is processed from synthetic quartz by utilizing the electrical and optical properties of quartz.
Piezoelectric effectThe phenomenon where an electric load is generated by applying pressure to a crystaline material such as quartz.

Optical Devices

Ultra High-performance Optical Thin-film Evaporation Equipment Sapio-1300/1550
Ultra High-performance
Optical Thin-film Evaporation Equipment
In recent years, multi-function devices, such as smartphones, have become increasingly smaller, thinner, and use more complexly shaped parts. Showa Shinku utilizes its extensive experience and proven applications in the opto-electronics field and is actively researching AR coat and IR-cut filters for lens modules. Our products also enjoy a wide range of application such as in splitters for optical communications.

Based on the keywords of higher density images, smaller size and lower cost, we are ready to meet the needs of customers in this sector while continued business expansion is expected especially in the overseas market. Showa Shinku provides advantageous products to its customers by soundly identifying market needs and through R&D to provide solutions to those needs.

Opto-electronicsthis is the technology in general that converts light to electrical signals or vice-versa.
AR coatAnti-reflection films that prevent light reflection and reflection images from the background. Adopted when light reflectiion neeeds to be prevented.
IR-cut filtersA filter that passes visible light while blocking near infrared (IR) light. This is used in difital cameras and liquid crystal projectors to capture and project the same colors that are seen by human eyes.

Electronic Devices

High-performance Sputtering System for Compound Semiconductors SPM Series
High-performance Sputtering System
for Compound Semiconductors
SPM Series
As seen with the spreading use of smartphones, the never-ending technological innovation and constantly changing and diversifying market needs are creating a major shift in trends that is resulting in the increasing penetration of electronics technology in various fields in the information society. This is increasing the role played by advanced thin-film coating and processing technologies that utilize vacuum technology even in the electronics device sector.

Showa Shinku provides transparent conductive films for high-precision touch panels, solar power storage cells, vacuum coating equipment for LEDs and other products to contribute to the production of a variety of electronic devices.

We are engaged in development to meet the needs for electronic device diversification, short delivery times and low cost to provide useful products to our customers.

Thin-film coating technologyA thin-film of coating several microns or less in thickness that is formed in a vacuum using such coating methods as vapor deposition, sputtering, ion plating (IP) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).
Transparent conductive filmsTransparent thin films that conduct electricity. Used in products such as organic EL displays, LCD panels, touch panels, solar cells, etc.