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Sputtering and Polymerization System     SPP Series
integrated with Injection Molding

Sputtering and Polymerization System integrated with Injection Molding SPP Series


The new developed sputtering and polymerization system integrated with injection molding system SPP-SERIES enables fully automatic formation of metallic and protective films on resin substrates used in the automobile and decoration industries.


  1. Full automation
    Fully automated system from injection molding to vacuum coating (sputtering and polymerization)
  2. High speed coating
    Cycle time: 80 sec (Al: 100 nm + SiOx: 20 nm)
  3. High adhesion even without under coating


  1. Head lamp reflector / Mirror
  2. Decorative metal film


Substrate size (max.)
W180 × L340 × D150 mm
Substrate materials
PC, PET, PP, PE, etc.
Sputtering rate
10 nm/sec
Polymerization rate
1 nm/sec
Pumping speed
within 30 sec from atmospheric pressure to 0.1 Pa
Vacuum system
Cycle time of production
approx. 80 sec or less
from inputting substrate, through coating and polymerizing, to outputting
85% or higher, KOH 1% 10min
Chamber system
2 chambers system
(Sputtering chamber + Polymerization chamber)
Sputtering chamber
High efficiency type cathode (target size; 440 × 240 mm), 30kW DC power supply
Polymerization chamber
Polymerized electrode using glow discharge × 1, 750W RF power supply
Sputter materials
Al, etc.
Polymerized gas
HMDSO (for SiOx), etc.

*For the improvement of product, please understand that the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
**This product may be applicable to export control products such as strategic raw materials which are regulated by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. Accordingly when you bring out the applicable products outside Japan. You should take a necessary action such as application of an export permit to the Government of Japan.