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Ion Plating Equipment using Hollow Cathode System   SIH-400T

HCD / Gun system

Vacuum Vapor Deposition Equipment SEC-06D


  1. Most suitable to form decorative films for accessories.
  2. Most suitable to form cured coating films for tools.
  3. Enables the touch panel operation to control film forming recipes.
  4. Most suitable machine for small-volume production or for experiment.
  5. Enables the film-forming color to be changed by varying the volume and types of introduced gas (N2, O2, and H2).


Vacuum chamber
Φ400 × H500mm
Vapor source
HCD / Gun
Water cooling hearth
Power supply
Work retention mechanism
Rotation / revolution or Revolution jigs
Work heater
Sheath heater
Measuring system
Pirani vacuum gauge
Penning vacuum gauge
Pumping system
Compound molecular pump
Oil rotary pump
Bias power supply
100V - 10A
Bombardment power supply
500V - 1A
Gas introduction system
4 lines

Required Values

Equipment proper; approx. W1340 × D1120 × H1938
Equipment proper; approx. 1000kg
Φ3 200V AC, approx. 29 kVA (84A)
Water volume
approx. 1.6m3/hr (approx. 27L/min)
Differential pressure: 0.2 MPa or higher
Compressed air
approx. 0.5 MPa or higher

*For the improvement of product, please understand that the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
**This product may be applicable to export control products such as strategic raw materials which are regulated by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. Accordingly when you bring out the applicable products outside Japan. You should take a necessary action such as application of an export permit to the Government of Japan.