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New Technology

Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment    ALD Series

Optimum to form a film on the complex-shape substrate.
Low temperature film formation supports even resin substrates.
Provides a thin film with excellent gas barrier characteristics.

Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment ALD Series


ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) forms a thin film by repeating cycles of the Atomic Layer Deposition method that forms a single atomic layer in one cycle.
Enabling uniform layer control at an atomic layer level can form a thin film with high quality as well as high step-coverage.

Application film type : SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3

Main Specifications

  1. 25 pieces of φ4 inch substrates /1 batch
  2. Rotary mechanism of substrate
  3. Temperature of substrate heating: 25 to 120 °C


  1. Excellent film thickness controllability based on single atomic layer-by-layer formation.
  2. Able to form a film with excellent uniform coverage even for a high aspect-ratio substrate.
  3. Able to form a film with substrate temperature rise suppressed.
  4. Excellent film distribution within the substrate surface.


  1. LED (Chroma adjustment, Ag sulfide preventing film)
  2. Electronic devices (insulation film, barrier metal)
  3. Gas barrier film and vapor barrier film
  4. Film formation on complex-shaped substrates

*For the improvement of product, please understand that the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
**This product may be applicable to export control products such as strategic raw materials which are regulated by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. Accordingly when you bring out the applicable products outside Japan. You should take a necessary action such as application of an export permit to the Government of Japan.